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Board of Fire Commissioners

The Board of Fire Commissioners meet on the first Tuesday of each month. A study session meeting may be scheduled on the third Tuesday if needed. Meetings are held at 5:00 pm at Headquarters Fire Station 31.

Each member of the Board of Fire Commissioners is elected by the citizens and serves a 6-year term. They oversee budget and policy decisions for the District.

Meeting Minutes for 2018 are located below. For minutes from prior years, please contact Margene Michael at 425-483-2131.

osgood dorneyport collinsport

Tim Osgood

Derek van Veen

Jim Dorney

Roger Collins


Additional information regarding Board business can be requested from Margene Michael, Board Secretary, 425-483-2131 or

Board Resolutions for 2018 are located below. For resolutions from prior years please contact Margene Michael at 425-483-2131.

vanVeen BOFC Minutes (01-02-18) Resolution 2018-02 - A Resolution Adopting Policy No 4101, Apparatus Checks Resolution 2018-01 - Rules of Procedure for the Board of Fire Commissioners BOFC Minutes (02-06-18) BOFC Minutes (03-06-18) Resolution 2018-03 - A Resolution Amending and Restating the Woodinville Fire & Rescue 457(b) Plan BOFC Minutes (03-23-18) Special Meeting BOFC Minutes (04-03-18) Resolution 2018-06 - Adopting Policy 2201, Fiscal Management Resolution 2018-07 - Adopting Policy 3410, CRR - Open Burning Residential Resolution 2018-05 - Adopting Policy 2121, Military Leave (superseding 2016-04) Resolution 2018-04 - Adopting Policy 2103 Empl Perform Evals BOFC Minutes (05-01-18)

Mike Millman


BOFC Minutes (06-05-18) BOFC Minutes (07-10-18) Resolution 2018-12 Adopting Policy No 3109, Physical Fitness Training Room and Equipment (supersedes 2017-08) Resolution 2018-11 Adopting Policy No 1025, Internal Communications (supersedes 2014-04) Resolution 2018-13 Adopting Policy No 3116, Safe operation of District Vehicles Resolution 2018-09 Adopting Policy No 1022, Business Communications (supersedes 2013-10) Resolution 2018-10 Adopting Policy No 1023, Customer Concerns (supersedes 2011-03) BOFC Minutes (07-31-18 Special Meeting) Millman Resolution 2018-08 Adopting Policy No 1021, General Responsibilities_Code of Ethics (supersedes 2011-02) BOFC Minutes (08-07-18) Resolution 2018-14 - Approving the District's Allocation to NORCOM's 2019 Budget BOFC Minutes (09-18-18 Special Meeting_Budget Workshop) BOFC Minutes (09-18-18) BOFC Minutes (10-02-18) BOFC Minutes (10-23-18) Resolution 2018-16 - 2019 Benefit Charge Resolution 2018-17 - 2019 Property Tax Increase, Property Tax Levy and Budget Adoption