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Building a Safer Community

Woodinville Fire & Rescue has been working closely with technology partner First Due to release Community Connect, an application focused on protecting residents and their property in the most effective way possible prior to, or during an incident or major disaster. Community Connect is a secure, easy to use platform that provides the opportunity for the resident to share critical information about their household in order to aid first responders and emergency service personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively; ultimately resulting in better outcomes for the resident.

Community Connect is a voluntary program and residents are individually able to decide which information they are comfortable sharing. Residents simply create a profile and enter critical property and occupant information which is then made available to public safety responders. Data provided by residents within Community Connect is 100% secure and is used only for the purpose of better serving the resident in the prevention of or during an emergency.

For Residents

Help us help you when seconds count!

Tell us about what matters most. We want to know things like:

  • If you have elderly or disabled persons in the home
  • How many pets you have
  • If you have a sprinkler system
  • Where to access is to your utilities
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For Businesses

Valuable Emergency Information can be at WFR’s fingertips

Give WFR and other first responders in the area critical information about your business, school, age care facility, or other public location.  Community connect can also send notifications through text messages in the event first responders are ever dispatched to your property.

Tell us:

  • Sprinkler system updates
  • Emergency escape plans
  • Hazardous materials on site
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