Community Risk Reduction

Eastside Fire & Rescue’s Fire Marshal’s Office offers risk- reduction services for various businesses and residences in our District.

The Fire Marshal’s Office performs fire code and safety inspections. Inspections are conducted to identify and correct hazardous conditions and prevent accidents before they happen. Inspections help reduce the number of fires, by correcting potentially dangerous situations. EF&R works with businesses and building owners to ensure they are following the current fire code and keeping occupants safe.

“Community Risk Reduction is the identification and prioritization of risks, followed by the coordinated application of resources to minimize the probability of occurrence and/or the impact of unfortunate events.” –Vision 20/20

Permits & Inspections

Eastside Fire & Rescue’s Fire Marshal Office issues operational permits, which allow an applicant to conduct an operation or a business for which a permit is required.

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Fire Watch

If a building’s fire-protection system stops functioning for some reason, a fire watch may be required.

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Open Burning

Outdoor burning is NOT allowed within the Woodinville city limits and in some areas of unincorporated King County.

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