Woodinville Fire & Rescue & Northshore Fire Department

Many fire departments are partnering with other agencies to improve service and be more cost-efficient for taxpayers. For example, Woodinville Fire & Rescue and the Northshore Fire Department already share training programs for emergency personnel, administrative positions (fire chief, deputy chief, and a chief administrative officer) and joint departments, including finance, human resources, IT, and payroll.

Both agencies are approximately the same size, and fund emergency services with a fire levy and fire benefit charge. We also share the same financial philosophy of maintaining a strong reserve fund to pay cash for capital items to save taxpayers money instead of financing these purchases.

Northshore is considering asking its voters to finalize the partnership by merging with Woodinville Fire & Rescue sometime in 2021. A merger would maintain the same number of personnel, but allow better deployment to provide an improved emergency response for both communities. Each agency also owns specialized apparatus and equipment that the other benefits from when responding to emergency calls.